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In a land of different races and cultures, there is a taste that brings them all together

Sishado Recipes

Recipe: Sishado Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Recipe video:

Recipe: Sishado BBQ Smoked Salmon

Recipe video:

Recipe: Sishado Chicken & Veggies

Recipe video:

Recipe: Sishado BBQ Meat (Steak, Spare Ribs, Chicken, Wild Meat)

Recipe: Sishado Vegetarian Fried Rice

Recipe: Sishado Vegetarian Fried Noodles

Recipe: Sishado Vegetarian Kebab

Recepten van Sishado-gebruikers

Recipes from users of Sishado

Gom Food Industries Ltd. takes no credit for these recipes. We are happy that Sishado was used in the making of these dishes and very proud to share the recipes with you.

Do you have a recipe using Sishado, or have you seen any online? Please send us the link!

Steemit Beta/Exyle: Homemade Duck from the Charcoal Grill!

Joyce Wessels: Sperciebonen met kip en rijst

TGSBB: Tropische salade met kip en pindasaus-sesamdressing

Saoto and More: Surinaamse ovenkip



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