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In a land of different races and cultures, there is a taste that brings them all together


Sishado Available Again In Guyana!
Our Delicious Sishado marinades, BBQ- and Pepper sauces are available again in Guyana.
Gom Food Industries has entered into a great collaboration with its new partner Sami’s Distribution
and the first shipment of Sishado has arrived in Guyana.

Sami’s Distribution
Contact: Mr. Narindra Sami
Adress: Lot 8 Public Road Grove. East Bank Demerara.
Phone: +592 6603466 or +592 6492490
Email: sunnysammy44@yahoo.com
Facebook: @Sunny Sammy

MARCH 2020:
To help protect our colleagues, their families, loved ones and acquaintances, but also to take our social responsibility towards vulnerable elderly people and other risk groups, Gom Group NV, Gom Food Industries NV and Gom Sales & Agencies NV, have written out Internal Guidelines.
Click here for the Guidelines in dutch

We request 1 minute of your time to participate in our survey. Thank you in advance!
Please click here for the link

Proud of our colleagues who have succesfully completed the Food Safety Training.

The 4th Cariforum-EU Business Forum in Frankfurt, Germany.
Gom Food Industries participated in the 4th Cariforum-EU Business Forum from September 26th till 28th. The Cariforum was organized by the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA) in collaboration with the European Commission and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The three-day event was held in Frankfurt, Germany.

The event brought more than sixty Caribbean producers of natural products, rum, sauces and spices; music, film and animation together, to meet European buyers and to support an increased entrance to the European market.
Gom Food Industries was one of the three Surinamese companies that was present. The event was very successful and we hope to do good business with the buyers we met.

Click here for our interview with Caribbean media Partners

JUNE 2019:
The 2nd Edition of the Jamaica International Exhibition (JIE).
Gom Food Industries participated in the 2nd edition of the Jamaica International Exhibition (JIE) which was held in Montego Bay, Jamaica from May 30th till June 1st.
The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) and the Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export), made it possible for interested CARIFORUM firms across all sectors to attend this exhibition. Gom Food Industries, shared a Booth with companies from Guyana, Trinidad, St. Lucia and The Dominican Republic.
The event brought Caribbean Producers and Caribbean Buyers together to support or increase entrance to Caribbean markets.

MAY 2019:
Capacity Building Workshop.
The CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ), in collaboration with the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development through the Deutshe Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbelt (GIZ) GmbH, hosted a capacity building workshop in Guyana from May 20th till 22nd.
Gom Food Industries was invited to attend this three-day training workshop on the EU labelling standards and regulatory environment for pre-packaged goods.
The very informative workshop was meant to train selected professionals from National Standards Bureaux, Business Support Organisation and Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) of CARIFORUM

In May 2019 Gom Food Industries N.V. moved to their new location at the Kronenburgweg 163 in Wanica – Suriname (near Hannaslustweg).
We feel sincerely blessed and look forward to be of service to you, from our new location.

MARCH 2019:
Sishado News!
Dear Customer.
Given the need for “healthier eating”, Gom Food Industries has improved the recipes for Sishado sauces in the course of 2017. Less sugar and salt are now used in the preparation of Sishado sauces.

In 2018 we had our products re- tested at the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (Cariri) in Trinidad. New Nutrition facts have emerged from these tests. Most of Sishado sauces now contain less sugar, salt, calories and carbohydrates.

By 2018, the focus on “health” has also shown the need to emphasize the Allergens present in products. This must be indicated by mentioning Allergens with Capital letters and in Bold print on the label.

For the above reasons, the Sishado labels have been adjusted. The new labels will contain the new Nutrition facts. The Allergens (Soya and Peanuts) will also be listed with Capital Letters and in Bold. The new labels will be used from production date March 2019.

Gom Food Industries / Sishado wins the VSB Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award in its category for the third consecutive time!
Gom Food Industries was seen as:
“The sustainable company of the future! For a third time in a row: a family business that has the guts to surpass itself and the economic and personal challenges, they want to expand with their team, create a sustainable and innovative factory that exudes CSR. It is consciously said that the current staff can continue to grow, no one is left behind.”

Click here for the video in Dutch by ATV-Networks Suriname

JULY 2018:
Sishado Promos and Tastings in the Netherlands a great success.
In July the Gom Food Industries/Sishado Promo team was in the Netherlands, to do some Tastings in several stores of Amazing Oriental. This was a great success, thanks to Amazing Oriental, our importer Nanhoe Import and Export and our fantastic Promo Team!
Click here for pictures on our facebook page

MAY 2018:
Sishado Tastings on Curacao a huge success.
Gom Food Industries did some tastings and promotion in Curacao on May 17th, 18th and 19th. This was a huge success, thanks to everybody who came to taste our delicious Sishado recipes and bought our products. Also thanks to our importer and partner Pietersz Distribution
Click here for the video made by Pietersz Distribution

Sishado Tastings in Guyana.
In December the Gom Food Industries/Sishado Promo Team, did some tastings in Guyana!
Click here for the pictures on our facebook page

Our importer/distributor in Antigua, on “Good Morning Antigua & Barbuda”.
Our importer/distributor, mr. Hubert Roberts of Surinex Ltd, was a guest in the tv show “Good Morning Antigua & Barbuda”.
In this program mr. Roberts did not only promote the delicious Sishado sauces, but also spoke about our beautiful country Suriname!
Click here for the video made by ABS Television/Radio

Gom Food Industries/Sishado, wins Corporate Social Responsibility Award for the second year in a row!
The CSR Awards are handed out by the Suriname Trade and Industry Association, to companies who have proven to do good business whilst practicing CSR.
Gom Food Industries won the Award, for the second year, in the category Medium Enterprise.

Click here for the video made by Apintie TV Suriname

Building of the new factory of Gom Food Industries.
In april 2017 Gom Food Industries started the building of their new factory.
FIRM Engineering, Bouwbedrijf Kiesel/Alupro NV, Elgawa NV, Vasilda NV, Sait/NV.Thermo Technique, Finabank N.V. and Coöperatieve Spaar- en Kredietbank Godo G.A., are part of this beautiful project.

To God be the Glory!

JULY 2017:
Gom Food Industries/Sishado in the media: “The sweetness of export growth”.
Read the dutch article

Gom Food Industries/Sishado at the TIC Fair in Trinidad.
Gom Food Industries participated in the Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) Fair in Trinidad. The fair was held from July 6th till 9th and was very succesfull! Many visitors, who tasted our Sishado sauces, said they can not wait for Sishado to be available in Trinidad.

Video credit: Caribbean Events Consultants Limited

Gom Food Industries takes part in Trade Mission to Guyana.
Gom Food Industries took part in a trade mission to Guyana on the 28th and 29th of november. This trade mission was organized by the Republic Bank. Companies from Suriname, Guyana and Barbados participated in this mission.

Gom Food Industries takes part in Trade Mission to Trinidad and Barbados.
Gom Food Industries took part in a trade mission to Trindidad and Barbados, from november 6th till november 12th. This trade mission was funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and organized by the Suriname Ministery of Trade and Industry, the Association of Suriname Manufactures (ASFA) and the Suriname Business Centre (SBC). Several Suriname companies, who are part of an Export Readiness Program and are export ready, took part in this trade mission.

Gom Food Industries wins VSB CSR Award in the category Medium Sized Enterprize.
The CSR Awards have been presented by the VSB (Suriname Trade and Industry Association) since 2015, to Surinamese companies that have demonstrated Corporate Social Responsibility.
Gom Food Industries was nominated in the category Medium Sized Enterprize and won the Award in her category.

Partnering with importer/distributor Excellent Riz from French Guyana.
Gom Food Industries started a partnership, with mr. Sedrick Akoma of Excellent Riz in French Guyana.
Mr. Akoma is a young, upcoming entrepreneur who has won the “Talent Des Cites” award 2016 in French Guyana.
Click here for the video of Guyane Soir

AUGUST 2016:
Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA):Gom Food Industries Innovating for entrepreneurship and export.
Read the article

MAY 2016:
Sishado Recycle bin nearby the “Vriendschapsplein”.
Gom Food Industries has placed a recycle bin, in cooperation with Support Recycling Suriname (SuReSur). The recycle bin is nearby the “Vriendschapsplein”, across the side-entrance of the Lyceum I high school, at Zorg & Hoop. Students, residents and passers-by can place their empty plastic bottles in the recycle bin. SuReSur takes care of the pick up and processing and Gom Food Industries finances it all.
With the placing of the Sishado Recycle bin, Gom Food Industries supports the improvement of the Surinamese environment.

Sishado at the United Business Fair.


MAY 2012:
Fernandes Food Festival 2012 a success with Sishado.
Read the dutch article

Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA): Gom Food Industries (GFI) Success Story.
Click here to read the article

Falsified Sishado sauces are removed from shelves.
Read the dutch article

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