In a land of different races and cultures, there is a taste that brings them all together

Welcome to Gom Food Industries Ltd., producer of Sishado Marinades, Barbeque- and Pepper sauces. We are a family-owned company in the specialty food sector, producing high quality products for both local and export markets. The products are based on family recipes, containing a mix of Amazonian, Caribbean and Asian ingredients, which were passed on from generation to generation.

Established in the late nineties, the company has managed to become the market leader in Suriname, whilst expanding to different parts of the world.

Company Mission:
To establish quality food brands globally and create value for our stakeholders.

Company Vision:
We are a Surinamese company that has a leading role in multiple countries in the fancy and healthy food sector by:
• Local production and joint venturing locally and internationally.
• Providing a working environment where people feel engaged and committed.
• Sharing our successes with our local community

CSR Mission:
Gom Food Industries N.V., producer of marinades and pepper sauces, strives for a healthy company, delivering high-quality products and minimizing our environmental impact.

CSR Vision 2025:
We strive for a fully certified organization in the field of the production of marinades and pepper sauces, which procures 100% of its raw materials and packaging materials locally/regionally, with zero waste.

As we are aware of our potential and success, we have a quote that says:

“In a land of different races and cultures, there is a taste that brings them all together. In striving to introduce this unique blend to the rest of the world, continuous efforts are made to maintain high quality.

Try SISHADO and make your meal a tasty one!”

  • 'lekker eten, zeker weten'

  • 'echte tori,te ye bori'