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In a land of different races and cultures, there is a taste that brings them all together


November 2016:
Gom Food Industries takes part in Trade Mission to Guyana.
Gom Food Industries took part in a trade mission to Guyana on the 28th and 29th of november. This trade mission was organized by the Republic Bank. Companies from Suriname, Guyana and Barbados participated in this mission.

Gom Food Industries takes part in Trade Mission to Trinidad and Barbados.
Gom Food Industries took part in a trade mission to Trindidad and Barbados, from november 6th till november 12th. This trade mission was funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and organized by the Suriname Ministery of Trade and Industry, the Association of Suriname Manufactures (ASFA) and the Suriname Business Centre (SBC). Several Suriname companies, who are part of an Export Readiness Program and are export ready, took part in this trade mission.

October 2016:
Gom Food Industries wins VSB CSR Award in the category Medium Sized Enterprize.
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September 2016:
Partnering with importer/distributer Excellent Riz from French Guyana.
Gom Food Industries started a partnership, with mr. Sedrick Akoma of Excellent Riz in French Guyana, in september 2016.
Mr. Akoma is a young, upcoming entrepreneur who has won the “Talent Des Cites” award 2016 in French Guyana.
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August 2016:
Gom Food Industries Innovating for entrepreneurship and export.
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May 2016:
Sishado Recycle bin nearby the “Vriendschapsplein”.
Gom Food Industries has placed a recycle bin, in cooperation with Support Recycling Suriname (SuReSur). The recycle bin is nearby the “Vriendschapsplein”, across the side-entrance of the Lyceum I high school, at Zorg & Hoop. Students, residents and passers-by can place their empty plastic bottles in the recycle bin. SuReSur takes care of the pick up and processing and Gom Food Industries finances it all.
With the placing of the Sishado Recycle bin, Gom Food Industries supports the improvement of the Surinamese environment.

September 2014:
Sishado at the United Business Fair


May 2012:
Fernandes Food Festival 2012 a success with Sishado
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September 2010:
Falsified Sishado sauces are removed from shlves
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