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About Gom Food Industries: From Craft to Industrie

The Sishado background

GOM FOOD INDUSTRIES v.o.f. is a typical home based industry founded by the Van Gom family owner of a special recipe to manufacture their special soybean sauce.

Investing with their own resources, the family started with the production of sauces and marinades on a small scale and distributed these products to friends and family for testing.

The initiative for these efforts came out the continuing downfall of the Surinamese economy and the urge to seek for production/business based income.

De familie van Gom, in bezit van een speciaal recept voor het bereiden van soya saus, begon met het produceren in 1997 op kleine schaal. De inkomsten hieruit waren een welcome aanvulling gezien de economische situatie in Suriname. 

Our Image

Special efforts were put in the design of the label in order to distinguish the product from other local soybean sauces. Our product is composed on a blend of typical Surinamese cultural influences and is used in kitchens with various cultural backgrounds.

Het produkt is een ware weerspiegeling van de de multi-etnische Surinaamse samenleving en wordt in haast alle Surinaamse keukens gebruikt.